Waterproofing – The most important part of any tiling project

As certified applicators of approved waterproofing products, we make sure our work is done right first time.  The importance of waterproofing during a bathroom renovation cannot be overstated. Water damage is costly and can be avoided. All wet areas need to be separated from the rest of your home by a flexible and durable barrier.

The waterproofing installation is the most important aspect of the renovating a bathroom and yet it is never seen. It needs to done with care, ensuring the area remains watertight for as long as the structure stands. No fragile high spots or areas in corners that tiles can cut through. We consider everything and “build it to last”.

Like all of our work our waterproofing also carries a 5 year workmanship guarantee.

So if you want a waterproof bathroom that remains watertight even in high wear areas like the bathroom, then call the tile waterproof experts at Pinnacle Tiling.  Matthew Fineberg, an expert tiler by trade, will give you a waterproof bathroom that remains that way for years to come…

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